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Our Story


My name is Jasiya “Jojo” Green. I am a 17-year old teenpreneur. So glad you’re here!

I am the host of Jojo’s PersonaliTV and now CEO & Founder of BeYou+T Cosmetics. I began BeYou+T Cosmetics in order to develop a product for my brand. I LOVE lip gloss! When I’m doing my interviews through Jojo’s PersonaliTV I am sure to have my lips glossin’. I wanted my product to truly represent who I am and at the same time empower girls to shine from within. In BeYou+T, the T stands for taking time for me. With this brand I want to educate tweens and teens on how to use natural products on their bodies. We should all love our natural beauty, but there is nothing wrong with wearing things that make us feel good, including lip gloss. :-) (No animals were harmed in the creation of this product)


Styled By Naida and Jojo at a Fashion Show

Jasiya is the 2017 Woman to Woman Entrepreneurial Association's Young Woman Making A Difference in the Midlands Award Winner, 2016 Girls World Expo Merit Award Winner, and the 2015 recipient of Richland County School District 2 Future Chef Grand Prize Winner. She currently is a member of Army JROTC at her high school. 

(pictured right Jasiya is pictured here with Naida Rutherford of Styled By Naida. Jasiya participated as a model in Styled By Naida's fundraiser fashion show as a model representing the girls of JROTC. Of course she is wearing her Be You clear lip gloss for the occasion.)